DITA Xref Manager

Manage, track and repair your xrefs while working on disk.

DITA Xref Manager allows technical writers to centrally manage their xrefs while working without a CMS. With just a few clicks you can redirect xrefs, assign keys, and monitor the state of links in an entire documentation suite on your local disk.

Fix Xrefs

Moved a topic? Copy-pasted an entire folder? Changed an ID? These operations break xrefs. Find and fix them in just a few clicks.

Assign Keys

Want to start using keyrefs? In just a few moments, modify xrefs so that their href attributes are replaced by keyrefs that you define.

Monitor Links

Easily get information about the health of your documentation - count of xrefs to each destination, number of destinations, which keys are in use, etc.

The DITA Xref Manager is distributed as a module for the Samalander Software Center. Free trials of all modules, including DITA Xref Manager, are available.

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"Samalander's DITA Xref Manager is the handiest DITA tool out there. It lets you easily manage all your xref and keyref values in one place and even lets you change xrefs to keyrefs on the fly. I love that Samalander is thinking about how people are using DITA and building what they need to get the job done faster and smarter. DITA Xref Manager is already a valued tool in my DITA toolbox."

- Jacquie Samuels, Publishing Smarter

Product Features

  • Find Xrefs:

    Select a DITAMAP and scan your documentation and find all xrefs.

  • Work with Destinations:

    Instead of working with individual xref elements one by one, modify destination URLs and simultaneously update all xrefs that point to those URLs.

  • Change Destinations:

    Find xrefs that reference a particular destination URL and redirect them all to a URL you define.

  • Fix Xrefs:

    DITA Xref Manager will inform you of which destination URLs do not exist. Fix xrefs to those destinations by redirecting them to a new URL.

  • Assign Keys:

    Define keys in a keymap and DITA Xref Manager can assign them to all your xrefs in a few clicks.

  • Update Keys:

    Update all keyrefs to a new key your define.

  • Count Inbound Xrefs:

    DITA Xref Manager provides a count of inbound xrefs to each destination URL. Easily see which topics and files are most referenced in your documentation.

Take Control of Your DITA-XML

When technical writers don't have a CMS it's impractical to move topics and reorganize content because these actions break links. Manually fixing these links is time consuming and error prone. This make it difficult to take advantage of all the features of DITA, such as topic-level authoring, content reuse and keyrefs.

With DITA Xref Manager, these problems are solved. Take control of your documentation and free your writers to reap all the benefits of DITA-XML.

Avoid High Costs

Small documentation teams and independant contractors often understand the benefits of a DITA-XML and Content Management Systems. However, many cannot take advantage of these technologies because of high cost.

DITA Xref Manager provides the link management features of a CMS at a price point that small teams can afford.

Improve Your Documentation

Link management is a major drain on productivity and the quality of documentation. The overhead imposed by link management without a CMS has ripple effects and causes lower quality documentation, frustrated writers, and lost productivity.

Your writers will be free from unnecessary productivity drains and create higher quality documentation with DITA Xref Manager.

More Information

For information on how to use the Xref Manager, see the Help documentation.