Samalander Software Center

Easy to use and powerful, ideal for small DITA documentation teams.

The Samalander Software Center is a suite of software products designed for technical writers authoring in DITA-XML. Its focus is managing documentation in in a file system, making it ideal for small teams that want to avoid high costs.

What is the Samalander Software Center?

The Samalander Software Center consists of two parts: the Software Center itself, and the modules. Think of the Software Center as a toolbox, and the modules as the tools.

You need the Software Center to install and run the Samalander Modules, but it's the modules that actually do the work. Each module solves a specific problem, like link fixing, packaging documents, sanity checking, etc.

Our basic Samalander Software Center is free and includes a one month trial of all our modules as well as the free modules: Backslash Fixer, Whitespace-Remover and Book.MIF-to-Ditamap generator.

What are the Modules?

The modules are the tools that get stuff done. They plug in to the Samalander Software Center and each module adds a unique function.

There are modules for link fixing, sanity checking, generating javahelp, fixing backslashes in source documents, measuring usage and productivity metrics, packaging documents, and more. Each module is sold separately so you only pay for what you need.

The Software Center is free to download. Trial periods for all modules are available.

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Module activation codes are purchased from our Online Store. Activation codes expire after one year.

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The Modules

Samalander modules are tools that add functionality to your Software Center and solve common technical documentation problems. Modules are sold individually so you only ever pay for what you need.

Dita Metrics

The Dita Metrics module measures content reuse, amount of published content, writer productivity and areas for improvement in a DITA-XML suite. Very useful when you are trying to determine just how much better you are doing.

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Free Modules

The free modules are offered free of charge for your convenience. They solve some simple, common problems encountered when starting out with DITA-XML, such as path problems, unwanted whitespace and FrameMaker .book to DITAMAP conversion.

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The Packager collects a document and all its linked files into a standalone directory while ensuring that links remain valid. It can also collect source files that are not referenced by other DITA files. This is useful when submitting documents for review, quality control, or release.

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Dita Xref Manager

DITA Xref Manager allows technical writers to centrally manage their xrefs while working without a CMS. With just a few clicks you can redirect xrefs, assign keys, and monitor the state of links in an entire documentation suite on your local disk.

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And More

More modules are in constant development. We strive to respond quickly to our customers' needs and we are always expanding our offerings. On the Support Page you can make feature requests about which module we should develop next.

More Information

For information on how to use the Samalander Software Center, see the Help documentation.